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I'm Kizzi, travel, writer, blogger and photographer who loves sharing my passion for exploring the world. My love for travel began in 2017 when I went on her first solo adventure to Sri Lanka.

Recently, I've been exploring the hidden depths of Europe and sharing my findings on Off To Get Lost.

Through Off to Get Lost, my aim is to empower fellow adventurers, teaching how to maximize your time, successfully budget your trips, and grow confidence while uncovering Europe's finest treasures.

So read on to start achieving your travel dreams!

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Hi, I'm Kizzi and welcome to Off to Get Lost where the aim is to do exactly that! So let's get lost across the world, dicover new expereinces, and have the adventure of a lifetime.
Here on Off to Get Lost, you'll find budget saving tips, perfectly planned itineraries and helpful advice on how to do it all solo.